Captain Roy's Marine Training

Deck General Quiz #2


The "lay" of a line refers to _________.

  A. its normal location of stowage
  B. the direction of twist in the strands
  C. the manner in which it is coiled
  D. the manner in which it is rigged


A "sheepshank" is used to ___________________.

  A. keep a line from fraying
  B. join lines of unequal size
  C. stop off a line
  D. shorten a line


The distance that a vessel travels from the time that the order to put engines full astern until the vessel is dead in the water is known as ______________.

  A. advance
  B. head reach
  C. surge
  D. transfer


The load line certificate is issued by ___________________.

  A. the American Bureau of Shipping
  B. the National Cargo Bureau
  C. the United States Coast Guard
  D. United States Customs


If the winch should fail while you are hauling in the anchor, what prevents the anchor cable from running out?

  A. Chain stopper
  B. Devil's claw
  C. Hawse ratchet
  D. Riding pawl


The best method of determining if a vessel is dragging anchor is to note __________________.

  A. the amount of line paid out
  B. how much the vessel sheers while at anchor
  C. any change in the tautness of the anchor chain
  D. changes in bearings of fixed objects onshore


A proper look-out must be kept _____________.

  A. only in fog
  B. only between the hours of sunset and sunrise
  C. only when entering and leaving port
  D. at all times


You are standing the wheelwatch when you hear the cry, "Man overboard starboard side". You should be ready to _______________.

  A. give full left rudder
  B. give full right rudder
  C. put the rudder amidships
  D. throw a life ring to mark the spot.


Official proof of an American vessel's nationality is contained in the ________________.

  A. Certificate of Inspection
  B. Official Log
  C. Certificate of Documentation
  D. Shipping Articles


An inflatable liferaft is in the water, still in its container and attached to the ship by the painter line. You see that the ship is sinking rapidly. Which action should you take with respect to the liferaft container?

  A. Cut the painter line so it will not pull the liferaft container down.
  B. Swim away from the container so you will not be in danger as it goes down.
  C. Take no action because the painter will cause the liferaft to inflate and open the container.
  D. Manually open the container and inflate the liferaft with the hand pump.