Captain Roy's Marine Training

Deck General Quiz #3


In order to correctly open a new coil of manila line, you should _______.

  A. pull the tagged end from the top of the coil
  B. pull the tagged end through the eye of the coil
  C. secure the outside end and unroll the coil
  D. unreel the coil from a spool


Which knot should be used to bend two hawsers together for towing?

  A. Double carrick bend
  B. Fisherman's bend
  C. Heaving line bend
  D. Rolling hitch


To warp a vessel means to ______________.

  A. anchor the vessel
  B. bring the head into the wind
  C. clean the decks
  D. move the vessel by hauling on lines


Gross tonnage indicates the vessel's ______________.

  A. displacement in metric tons
  B. total weight including cargo
  C. volume in cubic feet
  D. draft in feet


Your vessel is docking, but not yet alongside. Which line will be the most useful when maneuvering the vessel alongside the pier?

  A. Bow breast line
  B. Bow spring
  C. Inshore head line
  D. Offshore head line


When picking up your mooring at the buoy, the correct method is to _________.

  A. approach the buoy with the wind and current astern
  B. approach the buoy with the wind and current ahead
  C. approach the buoy with wind and sea abeam
  D. stop upwind and up current and drift down on the buoy


Before using a fixed CO2 system to fight an engine room fire, you must _______________.

  A. secure the engine room ventilation
  B. secure the machinery in the engine room
  C. evacuate all engine room personnel
  D. All of the above


Which statement is TRUE concerning an inflatable liferaft?

  A. The floor may be inflated for insulation from cold water.
  B. A pump is provided to keep raft inflated.
  C. The raft may be boarded before it is fully inflated.
  D. All of the above


What is considered to be a B-II portable fire extinguisher?

  A. 2-1/2 gallon foam
  B. 4 pound carbon dioxide
  C. 2 pound dry chemical
  D. all the above


"PAN-PAN" repeated three times over the radiotelephone indicates which type of message will follow?

  A. Distress
  B. Safety
  C. All clear
  D. Urgency