Captain Roy's Marine Training

Rules Of The Road Quiz #1


A Towing Light __________

  A. is Yellow in color
  B. has the same characteristic as a stern light.
  C. is only shown on the stern of the vessel
  D. all of the above


How many lights are required on a 50 Meter barge anchored in a "Special Anchorage Area" designated by the Secretary?

  A. 1
  B. 2
  C. 3
  D. none, it's in a "Special Anchorage Area"


A vessel approaching a bend in a river or an obstruction that blocks it's view would sound which whistle signal?

  A. One prolonged blast
  B. One long blast
  C. One short blast
  D. No signal is required


The watch officer on a power driven vessel notices a sailing vessel approaching from astern. What action should the power driven vessel take?

  A. Initate the proper maneuvering signal.
  B. Slow to bare steerage untile the sailboat is clear.
  C. Stand on.
  D. Attempt to contact the sailboat by radio to confirm overtaking instructions from the sailboat.


Which of the following is considered a distress signal?

  A. Green rocket stars.
  B. Code flags alpha charlie.
  C. White rocket stars.
  D. Orange Smoke


What is considered a "Special Circumstance"?

  A. A vessel disabled and unable to maneuver according to the rules.
  B. A vessel towing alongside where her ability to maneuver is hampered due to the tow.
  C. More than two vessels meeting.
  D. More than three vessels meeting.


There are two classes of vessels that are exempt from the regulations reguarding separation schemes to the extent necessary to carry out their work. One of these vessels is _____.

  A. Fishing with trawls.
  B. Engaged in underwater operations.
  C. Servicing an aid to navigation.
  D. A non-displacement craft operating in displacement mode.


Two vessels are meeting on inland waters and will pass starboard to starboard 1/4 mile apart. No maneuvering is required for a safe passing. What passing signals are required?

  A. One short blast.
  B. Two short blasts
  C. Two prolonged blasts
  D. No signal is required since neither vessel must maneauver according to the rules to permit a safe passing.


A vessel constrained by her draft is one which ______

  A. must be a power driven vessel
  B. only applies when operating in international waters
  C. must remain in a channel for safe operation.
  D. all the above.


The restricted visiability (fog) signal for a single manned vessel being towed is _________.

  A. One prolonged blast every one minute.
  B. One prolonged blast every two minutes.
  C. One prolonged and three short blasts every two minutes.
  D. One prolonged and two short blasts every one minute.