Captain Roy's Marine Training

Rules Of The Road Quiz #3


Inrestricted visibility, a fishing vessel with nets shall sound at intervals of two minutes ____________ ?

  A. one prolonged blast
  B. one prolonged followed by two shorts
  C. one prolonged followed by three shorts
  D. two prolonged blasts in succession


Two all-round red lights displayed in a vertical line are shown by a _______________ ?

  A. vessel being towed
  B. vessel Not Under Command
  C. vessel at anchor
  D. tug or towboat pushing a barge ahead


A vessel transferring cargo while underway is classified by the Rules as a vessel ___________________ .

  A. not under command
  B. restricted in her ability to maneuver
  C. in special circumstance
  D. constrained by draft


A vessel which is towing and showing three foward masthead lights in a vertical line is indicating that the length of the _______________ .

  A. towing vessel is less than 50 meters
  B. towing vessel is greater than 50 meters
  C. tow is less than 200 meters
  D. tow is greater than 200 meters


You are in restricted visibility and hear a fog signal foward of your beam. Nothing appears on your radar screen. The Rules require you to ____________.

  A. stop your engines
  B. sound two prolonged blasts of the whistle
  C. sound the danger signal
  D. slow to bare steerageway


An all-round flashing yellow light may be exhibited by a (an) __________.

  A. vessel engaged in pair trawling
  B. vessel engaged in diving operations
  C. vessel towing a submerged object
  D. air cushion vessel in the nondisplacement mode


A vessel at anchor shall display between sunrise and sunset on the forward part of the vessel where it can best be seen _.

  A. one black ball
  B. two black balls
  C. one red ball
  D. two orange and white balls


Which vessel must exhibit three white masthead lights in a vertical line?

  A. Any vessel towing astern
  B. A vessel whose tow exceeds 200 meters astern
  C. A vessel not under command, at anchor
  D. A vessel being towed


During the day, a dredge will indicate the side on which it is safe to pass by displaying _.

  A. two balls in a vertical line
  B. two diamonds in a vertical line
  C. a single black ball
  D. no shape is shown during the day


By day, when it is impracticable for a small vessel engaged in diving operations to display the shapes for a vessel engaged in underwater operations, it shall display:

  A. three black balls in a vertical line
  B. two red balls in a vertical line
  C. a black cylinder
  D. a rigid replica of the International Code flag "A"